Die Cutting

Innovative Die Cutting and Custom Print Solutions

Our company is a leader in die cutting and offers a vast range of innovative print finishing solutions. For over 15 years, we’ve helped brands and designers create memorable printed materials through precision die cutting, creative printing, and exceptional service.

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How to get custom printing at Viveprinting?

1. Browse Hundreds of Existing Die Cuts – Our gallery provides hundreds of pre-made die cut shape options to inspire your custom project.

2. Get a Custom Die Made – Submit your own die cut design and specifications for an expert quote and production.

3. Trust Our Die Cutting Mastery – With over 15 years of experience, we flawlessly execute any die cut complexity and deliver quality results.

Still unsure where to start?<
Our helpful team is here to consult and provide recommendations to make your die cut vision a reality. Contact us today!

Guidelines for Your Die-Cut Design

You will be required to upload your die-cut design file in three different forms on

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Print Design File

This file should contain the full print design including colors, imagery, text, and the die cut shape area.

Vector Outline File

A separate vector file outlining just the die cut shape in black. This provides the precise cut lines.

Placement Proof File

A version of the print design file displaying the black vector outline placed correctly over the main artwork. This verifies proper alignment.

General guidelines

We truly understand fulfilling the guidelines may take your time; but let’s assure you that it is worth what you may see at the end.
Price for the Custom dies starts from $100, which increases with the die-size and complexity.