In this process, we use both male and female etched dies (typically magnesium, brass or copper) and raise or push letters, logo, design or anything, above or below the surface of the paper (or any other substrate) to give it a three-dimensional look.
So prep up yourself for standing out among crowd and get your products embossed. At Vive printing, it’s not the print, rather your brand that gets a three dimensional shape, uniqueness, individuality and elegance.

Different Patterns of Embossing


What can be embossed?

Well, if you want any special letter, word, logo, design or even the entire text on the object highlighted, let’s do it.
And you know, if you could add metallic or non-metallic foil stamping to it, you probably have one of the masterpieces of the design and printing world in your hands.
So what are you waiting for! Get connected with our customer care and get to know what wonders can embossing do for your brand.
We bet you just try it!

embossing sticker